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Super job

Jun 27, 2014 by chris

Chris came and made a fantastic job of fitting my windows. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a first class job doing and would like to thank him for taking great care of my property.I will definitely have him back to finish of the rest of the house

Fantastic Job

Jun 27, 2014 by c and g braithwaite

What a fantastic job Chris did for us he replaced all windows and doors .from the moment we met him we could tell that this was a man who is very dedicated, and wants to do his very best in giving you exactly what you want and need .his attention to detail and quality of work is absolutely fantastic he works on your house as if he is working on his own property. We would recommend Chris of Milton upvc to everyone you won't be dissatisfied or dissapointed once again Chris thank you for your hard work and your help and advice it has been a pleasure to have met you.best wishes Chris and graham


Jun 19, 2014 by Geoff Bradbury

I wasnt even sure to be honest whether to go to the expense of having my tired 25 year old flaky gutterboards replaced. Wouldnt it just be better to paint over the flaky wood, repair the hole the squirrel bit through, patch up the odd bit of cement here and there? And after all the guttering wasnt THAT bad??

How wrong can you be!! Chris assured me that the job would make the whole house look renewed and fresh again- I accepted this opinon after he explained what he intended to do- but even then I wasnt prepared for HOW much better it would look!
At last I am able to drive on to the front without averting my eyes upwards lol. It really is now a property to be proud of again.
The finish and quality of the job just cannot be described as anything less than immaculate! The problem you usually get with this trade is that you first of all have to negotiate the price quote. We ALL know those stories of the tricks the big Nationals get up to -"hang on and I will see if my boss can knock anything off.." etc etc.
Well none of that this time- just a sensible straightforward quote that stated exactly what was to be done. The price was more than sensible too- so i went ahead wondering if again, there would be any ugly surprises like you have with the roughshod fitting methods of the National companys...
Not so. Very much not so. I was at home all the week that Chris fitted the boards, guttering, soffits and tile ends. During that time I not only got to chat with him in which his credentials became evident- but the work itself was very much a case of fine precision and accuracy.
I was amazed at the care of detail throughout. I give you an example- a "slice" of boarding is not only installed UNDER the visible rooftile edge to make it look so very much better- but then all the joints are actually sealed with silicon to make it perfect!
I am being totally honest in saying that I am absolutely thrilled with the final effect-it must have increased my house value by more than the job cost I am sure.
In chatting, it transpired that Chris served the last 10 years serving for a master craftsman operating in this field of work, and his standards have rubbed off on him such that I dont think he could do a quick/rough job if he tried!
Simply put, nothing was too much trouble as long as the finish was perfect. As a side issue he also took down my redundant analogue roof aerial for me, and again this contributed towards the final overall effect.
If you want a good old fashioned proper job done-and at a supreme standard- then look no further, I recommend you give this man a try, you will be happy I guarantee it! In fact I am happy to let you have a look over my house to see the final job if you like-thats how proud I am lol.Chris will give you the address Im sure.
So put away that paintbrush NOW- get a permanent maintenance free job done for a truly astounding effect!.

Response: Thank you for your fantastic review. Kind regards Milton UPVC

Jun 18, 2014 by Joanne Williams

Quality products supplied and fitted by milton upvc, fast and efficient service from start to finish. We found chris to be extremely knowledgeable about the products he could supply and his company offers a great range and choice of designs. Chris helped us choose a package to suit our budget and work started on the date agreed, overall excellent service would definitely recommend milton upvc.

Response: Thank you for your fantastic review. Kind regards Milton UPVC

Milton UPVC , UK 5.0 5.0 94 94 Chris fitted me a new front and back door. He was not happy with the fit of the new front door so at no extra cost to me he had a new one made and came back to reinstall this. Br
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